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Seth, Son of Adam and Eve

The Word Sheth

The Aramaic word sheth that is translated to Seth in the English Bible has Strong's number 08352 and means "compensation". It is found only nine times in the old testament. The Aramaic word for sheth has also been given Strong's number 08351 for "seat of body, buttocks" and 08353 for "six, as cardinal number".

The Life of Seth

Seth was born to Adam and Eve when Adam was 130 years old. He was their third son and Eve called him Seth (compensation) because she said he was given to her by Yahweh instead of Abel, her second son who was killed. Gen 4:25 Gen 5:3

We do not learn much about the life of Seth from the Bible, except that when Seth was born (or some time after) people began to call upon the name of Yahweh. Gen 4:26 This would indicate that they didn't call upon God's name before that point.

When Seth was 105 years old he got a son named Enos who where to become the forefather to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and the people of Israel. There is no reference to Seths wife but after he got Enos he also got several other sons and daughters that are not named or described in any way. Gen 5:6-7 Seth died at the age of 912. Gen 5:8


Father: Adam, Mother: Eve

Sons: Enos and others.

Brothers: Cain, Abel and others

Seth was the third son of Adam and Eve and his brothers Cain and Abel was older than him. He did however never have any chance to talk to Abel as Abel was killed before his birth. We never get to know if he ever met his brother Cain who fled to a distant country after he had brutally murdered his brother Abel.

See The Genealogy of Adam for Seth's ancestral tree.


Seth was born 130yA and died year 1042yA.

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