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Adam, The First Man

The Word Adam

The Hebrew word Adam (Strong's numbers 0120 and 0121) means man, mankind or human being. It is found 561 times in the old testament, but is translated only 22 times in the KJV as Adam the name of the first man. One time this word is used to name the city of Adam in the Jordan valley.

The greek word for Adam (Strong's number 76) is found 9 times in the new testament, and has no other meaning than the name of the first man.

Who was Adam

Adam gave names to all living creatures. Gen 2:19

Adam lived with his wife Eve in the garden of Eden. They where naked and ate the fruits of the trees there. All was fine until one day the serpent persuaded Eve to eat and make Adam eat fruit from the three of the knowledge of goog and evil.

After eating the fruit the eyes of Adam and Eve was opened and they noticed they where naked and made aprons of fig leaves. They also hid themselves from God.

This was the only tree in the garden that God had forbidden Adam and Eve to eat of. Now for this offence God expelled Adam and Eve from the garden of Eden. No more eating of the fruit from the tree of life, just hard work growing crops among thistles and thorns.


God put Adam into a trance and took out one of his ribs. From this rib God formed a woman which he brought to Adam. Gen. 2:21-22

Adam had a wife named Eve. Adams first son was named Cain and his second son was Abel Gen 4:1-2. Later when he was 230 years old he got a son named Seth. Gen 5:3

Adam lived 930 years Gen. 5:5

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