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Eden, Edem

The Hebrew word for Eden has Strong's numbers 05727 (adan), 05728 (aden), 05729, 05730, 05731 and 05732 (iddan) and means pleasure, luxury, delight, time or still/yet. It is found 40 times in the old testament of which 17 means the land and garden where Adam and Eve lived (according to Strong).

The place where God created the Garden of Delight for man to dwell in and cultivate. Gen 2:8

There is a river flowing out of Eden that splits into four rivers named Pishon, Gihon, Hiddekel and Euphrates. Gen 2:10-14

When Cain had slain his brother Abel he moved to the land of Nod which lies next to Eden.Gen 4:16

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