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The name of the God of Israel is Yahweh. When he lived on earth, during the Roman occupation of Isreal, he had the name Jesus.

The man adversary of Yahweh is Satan, once a close servant to Yahweh but later thrown out for leading a rebellion.

Bible personalities: Aaron, Abel, Adam, Aram, Cain, Enos, Eve, John the Baptist, Kenan, Naaman, Seth

Bible places: Eden, Garden of Eden, Nod

Rivers in the Bible: Euphrates, Gihon, Hiddekel, Jordan, Pishon

And here's the genealogy of Adam as well as a list of books in the bible.

A popular but rather old version of the bible is the King James Version or KJV.

The Bible Story

The Bible is a collection of books and letters written over a long period of time by various authors. These books have in common that they describe the perils first of people following God and their surroundings. Then after God had appointed Abraham to be the father of his chosen people, Israel, it is centered around the the Jewish nation. From their walk to the holy land through the reign of judges and kings, during the 70 years they had to stay in Babylon as punishment for their sins and in the time after when they where allowed to return to Jerusalem and the holy land and rebuild the temple the books of the old testament tells us who did what and also what God thought about that.

The new testament begins some time after the end of the old testament. Now the Jewish state is forced to be a part of the great Roman empire with roman soldiers patrolling, trying to keep this stubborn people under their control. During this time a very special child is born to a young women named Mary. This child grows up and starts to preach about the kingdom of God in a new way, forgiving sins and healing all kinds of sicknesses. If that wasn't enough he called himself the son of God and for that offense the Jewish priests handed him over to the Romans to be executed by crucifiction. But shock and grief on the third day God raised him up from the dead and instructed his disciples to go spread the good news about the kingdom of God all over the world.

The first four books of the new testaments, the gospels, tells us about the life of this man Jesus, how he died and was resurrected and how he went up to heaven leaving his disciples to wait for the Spirit of God to come and help them. The next book, Acts, begins when the Holy Spirit is given to the disciples transforming them from scared cowards hiding in their houses to bold preachers declaring the wonderful works of God to all Jews in the streets of Jerusalem. The remaining books of the new testament is teaching letters from the apostles and from Paul to the new congregations that had formed in Rome, Greece and in the Roman province of Asia.

This website that you are just reading is my attempt to describe various persons and places in the bible giving them all a page of their own. This I do for two reasons. Firstly to give myself a reason to read the Bible and force myself to think about what it says and secondly to give to others a register where one can find out what happened for example in Samaria during different times. In doing this I will always mark every statement with the place in the bible from where I have taken this information.

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